Tiles (Sawn Edge)

Used on internal flooring or wall cladding, external paving on paths, courtyards, patios, commercial or civic buildings.

The finely textured surface of Mintaro is continuous without layering which assists safe and easy walking. Its flatness and toughness is ideal.

Suitable for dry or wet situations or over under floor heating.

Thickness range 15-25mm and 20-30mm.

About 18 square metres of 20mm thick will weigh 1 tonne, about 14 square metres of 25mm thick stone will weigh 1 tonne.

Mintaro provides 3 standard size tiles:-

  • 300 x 300mm
  • 605 x 300mm
  • 605 x 605mm

Used proportionately with a 5mm joint to create a formal pattern. Alternately they can be used individually or possibly only 2 sizes. Remember - Mintaro can provide any size.

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